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Longarm Quilting Services

We love long arm quilting! We pride our work as being just as pretty on the front as it is on the back.
We are happy to help you with any selections of thread color, type of batting to use, backing fabric and quilt design.
Once we receive your quilt: it will go into a specific bag, labelled with your name & number and stored in a secure cabinet while it is in our care. All quilts are numbered and quilted in the order they are received.

We do offer "Rush" jobs for an up charge of $75.00. Please see Pricing Sheet/Order Form for details.
Minimum charge to quilt anything is $65.00 regardless of size.

Here are some Important Facts!

Quilt Top:
Please press quilt top well & remove all stray threads from seams. Using a roller brush helps to pick up loose threads!
Remove all added embellishments (buttons, trims, lace, pins). If there are any embellishments on quilt top we MUST Custom Quilt your piece and will not be able to do edge to edge pantograph designs quilting. This is a quilt design that spans the length & width over the total surface of the quilt in an overall pattern.
Please place a safety pin at the top edge of your quilt to mark which is the top.
Make sure all seams are sewn closed.
Make sure all seams, boarders & blocks lay flat for quilting. If not a charge will incur.
We cannot accept quilt tops with flanges or unusual boarders.
$25.00 charge if we have to iron your quilt top in order to quilt it.
Please note that at pick up there may be an additional charge should we have to do anything over & above normal long arm quilting service. We will call you beforehand to let you know if additional charge will apply prior to quilting your piece.

Select * Edge to Edge Low Density Softer in drape, placed in rows edge to edge preserving design & adding texture.
           * Edge to Edge medium Density Quilted in smaller scale & hold up well with heavy use & washings.
           * Edge to Edge High Density Very small scale. Appears heavily quilted, design interest increases & more complex.
           * Light Custom 1-2 block designs plus separate boarder.
           * Medium Custom More than 2 block designs, separate quilt sashing, boarders & cornerstone. Blending of designs.
           * Heavy Custom Stitch in the ditch, around applique or pieced work, echo quilting or cross-hatching. Multiple set in motifs. Stippling in smaller areas.

Borders: We charge a turning fee of $15.00 for twin, $20.00 for throw to full, $25.00 Queen & $30.00 King to quilt your borders differently than the quilt. We must load, unload & load to do this quilt process.

Thread Choice: Please specify color preference at drop off otherwise we will use our 10 year experience to select for you!

We provide the following choices:
Customer supplied (Must be inside sealed package)
Warm & Natural (100% cotton) Natural Color. Resists bunching & shifting. 3-5% shrinkage.
Warm & White (white batting) The Perfect choice for light quilts. 3-5% shrinkage. Bleached white.
Warm & Black (black batting) The Perfect choice for dark quilts. 3-5% shrinkage.
Quilters Dream Light and perfect for heavy quilting.
Bamboo Breathable, natural and quilts beautifully.
Hobbs 80/20 (cotton/polyester) Combination cotton & poly which is strong & long-wearing. Exceptional & Durable. 3-5% shrinkage.
Hobbs Wool The finest washable wool, lightweight with insulation & loft. Perfect for hand or machine quilting. 3-5% shrinkage.

Your own packaged & sealed batting can be used. It will be removed at time of check in from package. If supplying your own batting please note we cannot prevent wrinkles from disappearing due to batting being folded inside package.
Your batting must be at least 4" larger on all 4 sides than your quilt top.
We will not seam batting so it must be one continual piece. If your batting is not suitable to load at time of quilting we will select a replacement, return your batting & you will be charged for our batting at pick up. Prior to quilting we will call you for permission.
If excessive batting needs to be trimmed during loading, it will be returned to you at completion.

Size Guide:
Craft = 36" x 45"
Crib = 45" x 60"
Throw = 60" x 60"
Twin = 72" x 90"
Queen = 90" x 108"
King = 120" x 120"

Backing must be at least 4 inches larger than quilt top on all four sides.
For Example, if quilt is 80x100, backing should be 88 x 108.
We will seam fabric backing for $10.00 per seam.
Press backing well. If we have to press there will be a $25.00 charge.
Corners must be square.
Press seams well, remove selvedges and evenly trim all edges.
We cannot assure that any backing pieced or designed will be centered. We do our best but understand that there is no guarantee made.
We do use 108* wide backing and have many colors, styles and textures available. Please call us to discuss.
At time of drop off please specify if we are trimming edges after quilting to prepare binding. No Charge.

We offer two kinds of binding services.
Machine Binding: Binding is machine sewn onto quilt and then turned and machine sewn back down to finished quilt. $80.00 charge.
Heirloom Binding or called half Binding: Binding is machine sewn all the way around one side of quilt. Then turned and hand sewn to edge of other side of quilt to finish. $125.00 charge.
Please note that all quilts with a Minky backing MUST BE machine sewn binding due to the thickness of backing & for durability. If you absolutely want heirloom binding we will sew binding first by machine to Minky side and turn to hand sew binding to front of cotton quilt. No exceptions. An additional fee of $30.00 to above binding charges will be charged to do binding on Minky. We do NOT do heirloom binding on Minky/Poly quilt tops & backs together; this type of quilt must be machine bound on both sides.

*** Disclaimers***
We are not responsible for any mechanical failures. We strive for the utmost professional result every time, yet there could be an occasion where a mechanical problem occurs as Longarm Machines are mechanical devices. If so, you will be promptly notified. If any damage is caused to a quilt top or backing we will not be held responsible. We will however try to resolve the situation with repair of the quilt top with the permission of the owner of the quilt, or replace the backing at cost. We also cannot guarantee any fullness or that there will not be any puckers or tucks in the quilt during the quilting process. The flatter your quilt is at the beginning of quilting, the better the finished result will be.